Thursday, May 14, 2009

Revised Playoff Brackets

Besides the Seed changes, there are some other slight changes I want to make

Eastern Conference Semis
Magic over Celtics (7)
As good as the Celtics are, the Magic are coming off of a 25-point win over Philly with Dwight Howard sitting on the bench.  With the injuries hitting the Celtics hard, they just cannot pull it off

Eastern Conference Finals
Cavs over Magic (5)
Yes, the Cavs do not have an answer for Dwight Howard, but LeBron James can score enough to offset that, and Illgauskas can slow Howard down enough to keep the burning hot Cavs rolling

NBA Finals
Lakers over Cavs (7)
Although the Cavs are on fire and the Lakers are stumbling, the Lakers swept the Cavs in double-digits during the season, including handing Cleveland their only home loss, which should not change for LA